Stacy Lash Eyelash Extension Shampoo Professional-grade 1US Gal Foaming Cleanser for Extensions & Natural Lashes

Experience the ultimate solution for eyelash extension aftercare with the STACY LASH Eyelash Extension Shampoo. This large 1US Gal size is perfect for professional salons and home use, providing thorough cleansing without harming natural lashes. With its non-irritating formula, versatile usage, and included lash aftercare instructions, this shampoo guarantees convenience, quality, and enhanced longevity for both extensions and natural lashes. Invest in this must-have product to provide the best care for your eyelash extensions and achieve stunning, long-lasting results.

Introducing the STACYASH Eyelash Extension Shampoo in a generous 1US Gal size, perfect for professional salons and home use. This eyelid foaming cleanser is specifically formulated as a safe wash for extensions and natural lashes, providing you with the ultimate solution for aftercare.
Product Features:
  1. Perfect for Salon Use: With its large volume, this 1US Gal eyelash shampoo can be dispensed into approximately 75 bottles (50 ml each), making it ideal for post-appointment aftercare between lash sessions. Your clients will appreciate the convenience and quality of this professional-grade shampoo.
  2. Non-irritating Formula: Our lash wash has a gentle and light formula that is free from gluten, paraben, phthalate, ethylene oxide, betaine, sulfate, polyquaternium, and color. Rest assured that it is vegan and cruelty-free, ensuring a safe and comfortable cleansing experience for both extensions and natural lashes.
  3. Extra Convenience: The oil-free formula of our cleanser allows it to be used as both a pretreatment and aftercare lash wash during the eyelash extension process. It can also double as a makeup remover for natural eyelashes, adding to its versatility and convenience.
  4. Guaranteed Gifts: Along with the foaming pump dispenser for easy salon use, you will also receive a set of 50 lash aftercare instructions. These double-sided lash record cards can be handed out to your clients, keeping them well-informed about the details of their lash appointment and proper lash care.
Benefit: With thorough cleansing capabilities, this foaming lash wash ensures no harm to natural lashes while effectively removing dirt, oil, and makeup residue from both extensions and natural lashes. Make it an essential part of your lash artist kit.
Inspire your clients with the professional-grade quality, convenience, and thoughtful aftercare provided by the STACY LASH Eyelash Extension Shampoo. Invest in this must-have product to enhance the longevity and beauty of eyelash extensions, making it a valuable addition to your salon and personal use.