Azzaro Wanted Eau de Parfum – An Energizing & Intense Fragrance for Men

Elevate your olfactory experience with Azzaro Wanted Eau de Parfum, a fragrance designed to invigorate and captivate. This luxurious scent blends fresh notes of Juniper Berries, Sage, and Vetiver a dynamic and long-lasting wear. Experience the thrill of sophistication and intensity, making it a must-have for men who seek a unique and alluring fragrance. Unleash your vibrant energy and elevate your style with the invigorating essence of Azzaro Wanted Eau de Parfum.

Luxurious Perfumes for Men”


If you’re on the hunt for a dynamic and vibrant fragrance that exudes electric energy , Azzaro Wanted Eau de Parfum might just be the perfect match for you and This perfume is designed for the man who thrives on adventure and excitement, seeking a scent that perfectly complements his vibrant lifestyle.

Product Overview

Azzaro Wanted Eau de Parfum is a seductively perfume that promises an adrenaline rush of sensory delights. With a blend of contrasting hot and fresh sensations. This fragrance is spiked with energizing notes of Juniper Berries and  vibrant Sage all elegantly enveloped in the sophisticated essence of Vetiver.

Product Features

  • Fragrance Family: Woody, Aromatic, Spicy
  • Top Notes: Juniper Berries
  • Heart Notes: Sage Heart
  • Base Notes: Vetiver
  • Special Feature: Scented, Travel Size
  • Item Form: Aerosol
  • Item Volume: 25.8 Cubic Inches
  • Suggested Use: Spray 8 inches from pulse points for an enduring burst of adrenaline.
  • Available Sizes: 1.69 Fl Oz, 3.38 Fl Oz, 3.71 Fl Oz, 6.1 Fl Oz
  • Price Range: Starting from $95.00

How it Works

Azzaro Wanted Eau de Parfum layers your senses with a captivating blend of fresh and vibrant accords that promise a lasting impression. The fragrance opens with the invigorating spark of Juniper Berries, leading to a heart of Sage that exudes warmth and depth. The base notes of Vetiver add a touch of sophistication and elegance, creating a harmonious composition that lingers on throughout the day.

User Feedback

Customers are raving about Azzaro Wanted Eau de Parfum, with many highlighting its awesome scent, durability, and masculine allure. Reviewers appreciate the long-lasting nature of this fragrance, making it a popular choice for everyday wear. Users have described it as clean, soapy, and captivating, with some even considering it the perfect gift for men.

Sample User Reviews:

  • Cesar Torres: “Smells awesome. Amazing.”
  • GemStone: “Great Wood scent. Smells great but not better than their other products.”
  • Obed Francois: “The finest cologne. Would recommend this product and brand to anyone.”
  • kittyclair: “My teen son loves it! A great price point for a nice smelling cologne.”

Final Opinion

In conclusion, Azzaro Wanted Eau de Parfum stands out as a thrilling and intense fragrance that captures the essence of a man who craves excitement and adventure. With its unique blend of vibrant notes and lasting wear, this perfume is a fantastic choice for those seeking a scent that resonates with their dynamic lifestyle. Discover the sensory thrill of Azzaro Wanted Eau de Parfum and elevate your olfactory experience to new heights!